Empowering Innovations for Bharath

ACIC-CBIT, envisions to create a formal approach to identify, build and nurture sustainable communities through INNOVATION.

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Atal Community Innovation Centers (ACIC) are envisaged to serve the unserved/underserved areas of the country with respect to the start-up and innovation ecosystem. ACIC CBIT saw it to be crucial to reach the innovators at the bottom of the pyramid and give them equitable opportunities, especially by reducing the lab to land distance and creating a space for pre-incubation of ideas/solutions.

Celebrating the idea of ‘frugal’ which is predominant in Indian communities, ACIC CBIT aims to create a formal approach to identify and scale up these innovations; using solution driven design thinking.

ACIC-CBIT at CBIT will align their activities to engage large number of students, faculties in various innovation and entrepreneurship related activities such as ideation, Problem solving, Proof of Concept development, Design Thinking, IPR etc. related to developments useful for the society.

Our Initiatives